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We install systems for virtually any consumer profile.
As targeted single application or in advantageous after, mutually complementary combination, a hybrid with other solar energy producers, we offer a wide range of technological solutions. The installation of photovoltaic systems is the ability to reduce in combination with the existing power supply from their energy supplier with the self-produced solar power energy costs. The one commonly refers also grid-connected solar power supply with own power supply portion (autoconsumo) to complement their power with the aim of the current cost-reduction. In a corresponding technical design thus increasing the security of supply is connected.
Solar home systems provide to the contrary, through its bureaucratic planning work (currently still request free) and total Versorgungsunabghängigkeit opposite the mains-power company, to. This refers to a battery-supported photovoltaic system that can compensate for the solar excess and shortfall of the current level of solar energy supply by means of an energy accumulator to full supply.


For sure you can visit one of the systems in our exhibition house in Ibiza.

solar thermal energy

On to independence

Heat that you generate by solar energy itself, you do not buy.
In order to become independent of energy producers and their price increases and supply bottlenecks (as by crises in oil or gas exporting countries).
Thermal solar collectors have the support of your existing heating system to full supply in your house, be tailored to your individual needs, used.
This applies to new buildings as well as for existing buildings. In comparison to photovoltaic thermal solar systems have a more than five times higher effiency in thermal power generation. This requires also a more than five times larger PV module surface than in a solar thermal system. But only on the condition that it is a highly efficient vacuum tube collector system. Otherwise, the collector relative may have to be made larger.

Foto 26.03.16, 16 33 17solar-kW Office + Expo, Santa Eulalia, IBIZA

We favor the limits of feasibility, the multiple usage in the planning and use of the solar surface. Before solar-kW office, a high-performance vacuum tube collector system therefore also serves as a weatherproof sun awning, thus causing a free double feature. The same goes for the hole on the upper roof-high vacuum tube collector system in the form of a pergola. This shaded in the summer the flat roof and causes less cooling expenses for the rooms below.


Because it is mounted overhead, the sun’s rays fall in the winter, with low standing sun, again freely on the flat roof, heating it now leads to a wanted additional heating support over the ceiling.

solar-kW Pergola, Santa Eulalia, IBIZA

There is also the possibility of the system, as demonstrated in this example, inconspicuously on e.g. integrating a flat roof of a country house with raised Atika-walls and so as not to affect the Ibizan charm.  



Of course you can view systems in our show house or at customer facilities in Ibiza and get further information.










Dehumidification, ventilation and heating exclusively with the sun?

If real estate and boats remain temporarily unused moisture sets in buildings and equipment.
But that need not be: Without power supply, without any complicated control technology and to automatically supply a solar air collector rarely used holiday homes all year with warm fresh air.


Year-round operation autarc, as soon as the sun shines, ventilated and heated, the system independently of the building. The collector produces the electricity for the integrated fan means solar cells themselves. This works on the Mediterranean as well as on the mountains, which can be up to 50% and more heating costs. Whether in the whole house or specifically in unheated, little ventilated rooms, the independently working collector protects the building from excessive moisture and mildew. The model range includes, for example, also a collector with 12 m², suitable for houses of around 250 m² living space. Trained craftsmen take over the installation on the roof or facade it.

2010 Kollektorschnitt - Twin beschriftet_deutsch
source: grammer-solar.com (german)

2010 collector interface – Filtered fresh outside air is heated to the desired temperature and headed into the house. Once the desired temperature is reached in the living room, the collector switches off.

What do you gain?     

  • No empty tanks (oil / gas) in your absence     
  • No structural damage due to moisture     
  • No “clammy” beds, upholstery and garments more     
  • Never again dangerous mold stains, mold and mildew smell in your house     
  • Finally dry closets     
  • The holidays start from day one with pleasant living culture


Of course you can see the system in our exhibition hall in Ibiza and get further information.