solar energy


We install systems for virtually any consumer profile. As targeted single application or in advantageous after, mutually complementary combination, a hybrid with other solar energy producers, we offer a wide range of technological solutions. The … Read more

solar thermal energy

On to independence Heat that you generate by solar energy itself, you do not buy. In order to become independent of energy producers and their price increases and supply bottlenecks (as by crises in oil … Read more


Dehumidification, ventilation and heating exclusively with the sun? If real estate and boats remain temporarily unused moisture sets in buildings and equipment. But that need not be: Without power supply, without any complicated control technology … Read more

wind power

For small solar systems wind turbines are often used as support for the plant to produce energy as under a cloudy sky. As “heating mill” they are also suitable for heat recovery. There are many … Read more

energy certificate

You need an energy certificate ? On July 1, 2013, the Royal Decree 235/2013 came into force in Spain, according to which an energy certificate must be for sale or lease of a property. The … Read more


 Here you will soon find other projects with which we are concerned in addition to the listed fields of solar energy .